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EKODOMA Ltd. is an engineering consulting company, whose main activities are related to energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy sources. Our aim is to achieve economic growth without causing harm to the environment. This can be achieved in every phase of project planning, taking into account both sustainable climate and energy planning concepts as well as providing our advice on the most appropriate technical solutions.


Ltd. EKODOMA provides to carry out a comprehensive energy efficiency and environmental engineering-related project planning - starting from conceptual design up to its full implementation and analysis of results. From the very start of the project a close cooperation between customers, engineers, architects, economists and other stakeholders is promoted, in such a way we are searching for the best solutions from different angle -   from thermodynamics and the general laws of physics. An analysis of possible strategies and solutions for projects are carried out, which is based on each project-specific parameters.
Thanks activities and projects implemented by EKODOMA, there is noticeable growth in the Latvian energy efficiency sector, both public and non-governmental sector. For example, in Latvia on a larger scale began to speak about green procurement only in 2006, when EKODOMA realized several IEE (Inteligent Energy Europe) projects on topic of energy-efficient procurement.

Our Philosophy

EKODOMA is an independent engineering-advisory company, with a long history and valuable experience gained in Latvia and other European and Eurasian countries in which we operate within both international projects and framework of private orders. During our development, we have grown up a lot and we are more then ever aware of our stakeholders, their different characteristics and significance in the sector for successful development, therefore, we feel that we occupy a very important place in the energy and energy efficiency sector in the total scheme, because we are bringing all of these stakeholders together in order to find the best solution for every problem in the field!

Our goal is to create a strong common culture and code of conduct scheme in relation to energy efficiency measures, because we believe that it is very important that our mission and vision is being absorbed also in other organizations which are relative to the industry, regardless from the state and department.

1. Mission

To carry out energy efficient solutions for buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities and to promote sustainable energy use in Latvian and Eurasia.

2. Vision

On knowledge and innovation-based economy, which operates in accordance with the principles of energy efficiency law and causes the least possible harm to the environment.

3. Values

All our professional activity and the company's culture is based on our common values. They are taken into account in our daily work and decision-making processes. Their implementation requires continuous efforts of all employees, but particularly important is the management team, who need to show with their good example:

Knowledge and Competence

Knowledge and competence are the values that our employees are highly appreciating - it is proven by the education level and experience of our staff, which continues to grow. We encourage our employees to continuously learn and study by offering them a flexible working hours and career opportunities within the company. EKODOMA staff provides solutions and conusultations for sustainable and energy-efficient future for all of us, which imposes a sense of responsibility for the excellence of performed service quality. As well as only a relaxed employee is a motivated employee, so Ekodoma management team is taking care of it, so that each employee is loaded in accordance with his capacity and not overloaded.


In order to find sustainable solutions, our activity is based on client needs and definition of problems, because only precisely defining the real problem it is possible to find a solution. The main driver of our activity is cooperation with a variety of state and local government institutions and the private sector operators, since only together we can implement in Latvia sustainable and energy-efficiency solutions. We are working in a team, and always with respect to our colleagues and business partners.

It is important for us to share our knowledge within the company and outside of it, so trainings is a vital part of the company's total range of services.

Recognition and Certificates