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A high energy efficiency and sustainability standards defined by modern society and legislation requires solutions in the form of complex integrated systems. The scope of this work is to provide a review on technologies and methods for the heating of ventilation air as a key aspect for high energy and environmental performance of buildings located in a cold climate.

The results of this work are more relevant in the buildings where space heating consumes a significant part of the energy balance of a building, and air exchange is arranged in an organized manner. A proper design and control strategy, heat recovery, the use of renewable energy sources, and waste heat are the main aspects which must be considered for efficient and sustainable ventilation. This work focuses on these aspects. Air conditioning is not in the scope of this study. 

List of authors
A. Žandeckis*, K. Kļaviņa, M. Dzikēvičs, V. Kirsanovs, G. Žogla
Scientific publication
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Gatis Žogla
Gatis Žogla
Lead energy auditor Project manager
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