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What is the building density overpressure test?

Building density overpressure test or Blower door test determines the buildings airtightness or impermeability. With Blower door test a man can accurately determine a building's thermal resilience and detect an air leak, that otherwise could not be determined. Unlike thermographic observations, Blower door mechanism creates low and high air pressure indoors, thus simulating the effect of wind and pressure difference from indoor and outdoor on all sides of the building at the same time. For detection of defect places without thermocamera is also used a smoke generator, which allows the measurements of complex air flow paths and leak/intake places.

Absolute advantage of Blower door test  is the opportunity to look for defects in warm weather, not waiting for the cold seasons, and manage the repair work in a timely manner.

For which facilities Blower door test can be performed?

  • private homes
  • warehouses
  • apartment houses
  • high-rise buildings
  • other types of buildings

What are the benefits of the Blower Door test?

  • With Blower door tests it is possible to look for defects in the warm weather, not waiting for the frost, so the repair works can be carried out in a timely manner.
  • Heat leakage in the building may be caused by the slightest gap, which the eye can not even see, and it can only be detected with Blower door test. Even a small engineering gap in construction during the building or renovation works may be the cause for insufficient space tightness and significant heat losses.
  • Automated testing provides computerized control of "Blower Door" fan and intelligent capture of the building pressure as well as the fan flow. These features reduce the human error factor, ensure that the test is carried out every time the same, which improves the accuracy of the test, even in windy weather.


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