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Every month citizens and enterprises in Latvia receive a bill for the consumed electricity, but do not realize that these bills could be up to 50% lower, as long as energy efficiency measures would be implemented. But in order to get effective recommendations and implement these measures, it is necessary to determine what exactly the electricity bill is made up from and what are the main causes of high electricity consumption. Therefore it is necessary to order electricity consumption audit!

Electricity consumption audit is carried out with the objective of showing the place where it is possible to reduce power consumption without compromising comfort, and giving it an economic justification. It includes several proceses of pbservation and analysis in order to be able to choose the best way how to modernize the existing electrical system.

Ltd. "Ekodoma" has taken a number of energy audits in which special attention was paid to the energy consumption measurement, analysis and recommendations. Examples of multiple objects of energy audits, which were carried out in a power consumption measurements you can see below.

Why you need to take Electricity consumption audit?

  • Prices for electricity is increasing, consequently, expenditure on lighting in housing, companies, offices, hotels, shops and other facilities is increasing as well. For many people and enetrprises it  is a vital aspect to be able to survive!
  • Durging Electricity consumption audit, a number of alternatives in energy efficiency measures are viewed based on the measurement data and the potential savings and costs are determined.
  • Energy passport for building is obtained, which provides the info about energy condition of building and in the case of selling or buying the building will provide information on the buildings electricity consumption level, and will serve as an excellent argument when considering the purchase or rent of the real estate, because it is a long-term investment.

    How happens the Electricity consumption audit in Ekodoma?

    Complex Electricity consumption audit is carryed out directly in the company, office, shop and other rooms and can be divided into several stages. The main stages are following:

    1. Facility inspection, Creation of electrical equipment inventory
    2. The data analysis of Electricity consumption (identifies the key indicators that affects power consumption|).
    3. Electricity consumption measurements (measurement period depends on the existing systems on site)
    4. Light-level modeling (Simulation are conducted for both indoor lighting and street lighting systems.)
    5. Consumption of electricity distribution (Distribution points to major consumers object.)
    6. Making recommendations to reduce consumption

    In addition we also carry out a tariff analysis, load curve analysis and forecasting of electricity consumption. During electricity consumption audit we identify system faults or imperfections - if necessary, the thermal camera is used . With other tools and instruments, which we use during elektricity consumtion audit, you can find here.


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