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Various technological solutions are developing rapidly, which means that it is possible to reduce the impact on the environment and to ensure the efficient use of energy.

Meanwhile, for people who use these solutions need to have the right knowledge and skills in order to achieve the desired result. In addition, we rely on technology too often and too much, because we hope that they will do the work for us. Forgetting that first of all, in order to achieve change must start with yourself. Therefore, Ltd. "EKODOMA", based on 25 years of experience, has developed a variety of training programs for both businesses and local government employees and the general public about the efficient use of resources, providing not only useful tips, but also help us to find the motivation to change their everyday energy use patterns, and the impact on the surrounding environment.

Since 2000, the company organizes training in the energy and environmental fields. Ekodoma is in Latvia registered educational institution.

Our continuing educational training programs provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge and the latest information in the energy and environment sector. After the trainings you will:

  • Increase your competitiveness in the labor market
  • Be able to systemically calculate, solve and prevent the existing problems related to your work
  • Be able to determine the best and most feasible solutions
  • Know how to attract additional funding for projects

The range of issues:

  • Energy planning and renewable energy - potential use
  • Consumers of energy - energy efficiency and behavioral change
  • Power generation and heat supply
  • Transport, waste management, water supply. Legislative, environmental and climate aspects