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In August 2022, amendments to the Energy Efficiency Act, the following obligations for municipalities, entered into force:

  • Introduce and maintain a certified energy management system for national municipalities.
  • Municipal authorities which own or possess buildings with a total reference area of 10 000 square metres or more, to introduce and maintain an energy management system.

Consequently, municipalities should establish a sustainable framework for the management and analysis of energy data, as well as seeking the most appropriate ways to use energy as efficiently as possible in their infrastructure facilities with available resources. Experience has shown that the energy management system makes it possible to achieve 5-10% of the first year of deployment of the energy savings system and 3% in the following years.

Ekodoma experts in COMPETE4SECAP, 50000 & 1 SEAPs and other projects have developed their knowledge and experience in developing energy management system in municipalities. Over the past five years, we have established and helped implement energy management system in nine Latvian municipalities. In 2019, the last four municipalities – Bauska, Saldus, Tuma and Keguma – each received an energy management certificate in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 50001: 2018 standard.

More on Sustainable energy and climate action plan read here.


In order to facilitate energy management in municipalities, we have created an online Energy Monitoring Platform to ensure a systematic recording, processing and analysis of energy consumption data.

Our experience shows that most municipalities do not know how much electricity and heating is consumed in their buildings or fuel in their vehicles. It is also common that this information is available only to employees not directly linked to the energy consumption in the object as accountants. It is often undefined who is responsible for the data recording and energy savings in the municipality. And if there is no data recording, it is impossible to know exactly how much energy and money it is possible to save because only what you measure you can control!

Energy Monitoring Platform is a user-friendly system accessible online which enables municipality energy manager and others responsible to jointly build and maintain municipality’s energy consumption data recording for four main sectors:

  • Municipal buildings
  • Street lighting
  • Municipal fleet/Public transport

In addition, the platform offers a “Management review module” module. The management rerview is a type of a report automatically generated in the platform containing all the chapters required in accordance with ISO 50001 standard.

To facilitate processing and analysis of energy consumption data, which is an essential step in order to plan energy efficiency measures, entered data is automatically compiled and can be reviewed in easily understandable graphs and reports.

You can read more about the Energy Monitoring Platform here.


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