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Energy certificate is a document which describes the energy efficiency of buildings - specific heat consumption for heating the building, as well as optional: specific energy consumption of hot water, ventilation, cooling, lighting kWh/m2.

Energy performance certificate is issued by an independent expert - an energy auditor or other person who is entitled to do the energy certification and check heating systems and air conditioning systems.

There are two types of energy performanc certificates - basic and temporary. Temporary buildings energy performance certificate is granted for 2 years based on a project before construction or renovation, after two years - exploitation, where there is a real heating data, basic energy performance certificateis being developed which is valid for 10 years. Ltd. "Ekodoma" offers both of these certificates, signed by a certified energy auditor.

Why you need an energy performance certificate?

Energy performance certificate is necessary when one wants to sell, rent or hire the building, as well as all new buildings and private homes need to have an energy performance certificate. According to data contained in the energy performance certificate the consumer can compare and assess the energy performance of buildings. The certificate of EKODOMA Ltd. also containing recommendations to promote energy efficiency measures.

What should the contracting entity do to order energy performance audit?

1. Previously prepared background information and documentation of the audited object:

  • Building construction project or cadastral survey file;
  • Buildings technical engineering system project or schemes drawings;
  • Instructions of buildings technical engineering system;
  • Operational log book and service logs or reports of buildings technical engineering system;
  • Reports from utilities provider or invoices of actually amount of energy consumed in the building or the technical building system of building;
  • Data of the technical building system installation or replacement during the exploitation of building;
  • Prior screening findings(if any);
  • Energy calculations (if any).

2. It is necessary to ensure the ingress in the audited object buildings and access to engineering systems.

Why to choose EKODOMA energy auditors?

We provide our customers with a number of technically trained and skilled professionals who carry out their work professionally, based on the experience of several years. Our certified, knowledgeable and technically educated building energy auditors, will provide professional assessment and recommendations, which will be best suited to the concrete building. During an energy audit with the company EKODOMA, you'll also have further possibilities of cooperation with an internationally recognized company that in Latvian is already running for more than 25 years and gained a huge experience in this industry.


Gatis Žogla
Gatis Žogla
Lead energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212
Kristaps Kašs
Kristaps Kašs
Energy auditor Project manager
+371 67323212

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