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In Latvia and Europe are found in a variety of power systemxs, but their effective operation depends directly from the creation of sustainable energy systems, using renewable energy resources.

Sustainable energy management approach requires a huge investment, but if we consider that planning the development of energy system is a long-term planning and the lifetime of majority of investments in the energy sector is decades, then Ekodoma with a help of detailed energyplana is able to demonstrate the economical feasibility of investments.

Energy planning can be viewed as an analysis of opportunity, which includes questions about the most appropriate choice of engineering solutions today, tomorrow, and beyond, not only the questions about the economic feasibility of the chosen technology by looking at possible sources to be financed, but also the analysis of savings and project internal profit. In the case if proposal comes to the realization of the event, the energy plan should also include calculations in support of the minimal environmental impact.

Why a power system plan must be carried out?

With power system planning the existing problems of energy supply can be solved and predicted potential problems that may arise in the future:

  • Security of energy supply - examines the current situation and predicts the future situation that allows you to identify existing and potential future customers. So you can select the right parameters of power system construction and performance, and prevent a malfunction of effective power supply system (downtime, spare fuel purchases, inefficient use of energy source, etc.). 
  • Energy availability - the various options of energy recourcesare use is under consideration (is the fuel local, whether it is an environmentally friendly, economically viable, etc.).
  • Air quality and emissions - within energy plan ecological analysis is undertaken, which provides an opportunity to understand the impact of technological solution to the environmental and to introduce more environmentally friendly solutions in life .
  • Sustainable development - at a time when the EU and Latvia raises more and more ambitious targets for renewable energy use, energy planning is an important tool to achieve these goals to reduce both energy dependence and climate change.
  • Prices and tariffs - energy planning makes it possible to avoid potential sharp increases in energy tariffs or implementationof economically unjustified engineering solution. 
  • In today's economic conditions, more and more companies are forced to think about how to reduce energy costs and ensure its survival.
  • For each municipality it is important to establish and regularly update the plan of energy supply, distribution and use. It is necessary to solve important, with energy security-related issues.

At what kind of level the analysis of energy planning process takes place?

In order to carry out energy planning as closely as possible, Ekodoma organizes it in 3 levels:

- At the national level

- At the regional level

- Local - company or building level


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Līga Žogla
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