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Analysis of engineering projects includes the analysis of technical, financial and socio-economic features. Before deciding on realization of a specific energy or environmental projects it is necessary to take reciprocal comparison of measures or alternative projects. The analysis of technical, financial and socio-economic aspect is done by developing  economic feasibility of a specific project.

Feasibility studies usually includes:

  • Case studies of existing sitation, analysis of raw and statistical data;
  • Determination of existing problems and their solution alternatives;
  • Choices of alternative engineering solutions;
  • Analysis of alternative engineering solutions and technical solutions;
  • Descriptionof alternatives - project definition, objectives, benefits, institutional and organizational aspects, the timetable of implementation,  the project impact on the environment;
  • Financial and economic analysis of project/measure, which includes - the determination of the expected investment, analysis of the operating cost, analysis of possible sources of financing, the project's cash flow and financial performance description (NVP, IRR, etc.)
  • The choice of alternative and its justification.

A feasibility study must be carried out during the planning of energy, fuel replacement, energy efficiency and other energy and environmental projects.