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Engineering monitoring is an information system consisting with observations, control, analysis and forecasting of processes or state, that helps to evaluate the company's and/or specific site progress towards the achievement of the objectives of energy efficiency and energy savings. Usually, in enterprises for introduction of monitoring system are responsible persons from comanie's evironmental or technical department.

Every building is affected by the building type and quality, ventilation and heating modes, building location, sided equipment in building and its compliance with standards, as well as the building work schedule. In order to effectively analyze the objects level of energy efficiency and develope recommendations on energy efficiency measures in the best and most cost-effective way, a variety of measurements according to subject characteristics need to be done during the monitoring process.

The prepared monitoring reports are presented to the companies management team, who decide on the necessary measures to improve the situation. It is important that the implementation of monitoring system secures a feedback - the company's management and those responsible for environmental policy can assess whether the desired results after implemented measure are achieved and, if not, then make the appropriate changes to reach the result.