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Environmental permits are the way how the state can reduce and regulate the formation of pollution and limit greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Impact on the environment is increasing every year and we feel this change - extreme weather conditions, such as higher rainfall, warmer winters, and the inability of infrastructure to adapt to these radical changesIn .

In Latvia there are growing and developing various new companies, but at the same time the environmental issues are remaining neglected due to business priorities are focused in a different direction. To avoid this, in Latvia and Europe a various laws and normative acts have been adopted .

Fulfillment of the requirements of environmental protection most often is associated with the need to pay the tax of natural resources, however, if the business activities have an impact on the environment, while also natural resources are used, it must also comply with other regulatory requirements - to obtain appropriate permission. Underestimating the significance of an environmental permit and treating towards it only formally, may cause a prohibitation or limitation of your business activities.

Our skilled experts with an interdisciplinary project experience offers highly specialized environmental advices and to develop the necessary documentation for the company. It will allow the company to obtain the necessary environmental permits in the shortest period possible and to be able to start their own business or to continue the successful development.