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Do you want to receive a co-financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, but you are not sure on the amount of co-financing and the benefits from implementation of the project?

We offer to evaluate your project idea and desires according to project evaluation criteria of each program in order to prevent wastage of financial means for the development of project application, and you can be sure that the project will be beneficial to you.

Conditions: for faster completion date of this service the customer should prepare the necessary information and transmit it to the contractor within two working days after the request, or at least should submit to a performer most of the information necessary for the preparation of the project application.

Current programs:

1.     Promote energy efficiency in public buildings

2.     Promote energy efficiency in residential buildings


* When sending an application for this service, please provide the following information:

  • Location, address
  • Building area, m2
  • Thermal energy consumption for heating (or the total) in the last full heating season, MWh
  • Electricity consumption in the last full year in kWh
  • In the case of fuels, specify the type of fuel consumed and the amount of it in the last full heating season (tonnes thous.m3, loose m3, etc.)


Marika Rošā
Marika Rošā
Project manager Board member
+371 67323212
Agris Kamenders
Agris Kamenders
+371 67323212