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Flue gas analysis is carried out in order to obtain information on the fuel combustion process and emissions, as well as a part of the performance tests for equipment. At the present, more and more flue gas analysis is performed to determine heat losses and to evaluate heat recovery potential.

Determined parameters:

  • The chemical composition (O2, CO2, NOx, CO, SOx, PM - solid particles)
  • content of water vapor
  • temperature
  • flow rate, flow of volume and mass
  • pressure/descent in flue pipe
  • internal energy (latent and sensible heat)

If necessary, we can carry out a recalculation of emission in other units of measure (ppm, mg / m3 mg / Nm3% -tilp.% -weight) und to the reference conditions.



Toms Prodaņuks
Energy auditor Project manager
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