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Heating systems audit is a set of various actions, which results in a detailed information about the system, as well as technically and economically feasible recommendations being developed to optimize the system and to increase its efficiency.

Heating systems audit can be divided into following activities:

  • Data collection and analysis for the required measurements;
  • The assessment of heating systems functionality and conformity according to consumer needs;
  • The evaluation of systems technical condition and putting forward proposals for improving the situation;
  • Feasibility studies oriented to the optimization or modernization measures for heating system or its individual elements;
  • Assessment of heating insulation performance using thermography;
  • Mapping of heat supply and demand;
  • Evaluation of losses and costs, final tariff calculation of thermal energy.

Why youneed a heating system audit and how much does it cost?

Heating system audit is a tool that allows you to describe in detail the existing system, to identify its weaknesses and strengths, as well as to define possible improvements and to assess their economic and technical justification.

The costs of thermal energy audit are determined by the number of work needed, complexity, the size of audited heating system, as well as the quality and access to the information. To find out the specific costs of auditing building, please contact an expert.



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