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Industrial energy audit is a procedure carried out in large industry enterprises to gather information on all the company's energy consumption patterns.

According to the information obtained in audit the evaluation of company's energy efficiency and analysis of ways how to increase it s carried out. It is a systematic procedure to obtain information on industrial or commercial operation actual energy consumption, and analysis to identify and quantify cost-effective energy savings opportunities.

In major industrial enterprises energy audits should be carried out on a regular basis, as energy savings can be significant for the company's development. However, overall industrial energy audits are based on the Directive on Energy Efficiency (2012/27/EU). Consequently, in 2013 the Cabinet of Ministers adopted common rules on industrial energy audits, issued in accordance with the Law "On Conformity Assessment". The rules applicable to companies whose industrial activity according to the economic activity of the statistical classification (NACE include:

  • mining and quarrying (activity B);
  • manufacturing (activity C);
  • electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (activity D);
  • water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (activity type E);
  • construction works (nature F).

The draft rules provides that the states "Standardization, Accreditation and Metrology Centre" Ltd. (Latvian National Accreditation Bureau) evaluates and accredits the quality management system developed by candidates within which the industrial energy audits are carried out. They are also planing and carryng out monitoring visits in order to supervise the realization of accredited industrial energy audit system.

A large list of companies to which the requirements of Directive 2012/27/EU applies in 2016 - to carry out energy audits - you can find on Ministry of Economics webpage:

What are the benefits of industrial energy audit?

  • Customer receives analysis on the energy use in the previous 2 years.
  • Customer receives a report on the company's energy balance, which describes the current situation and is issued by an accredited institution.
  • Customer receives a report containing the energy efficiency measures and accordingly calculated energy savings.
  • The Client is given the opportunity to reduce production costs and improve the company's competitiveness.

How to order industrial energy audit?

In order to estimate the amount of work and submit impartial tender, we ned to understand the size of the company and the current situation in relation to the energy metering company. So you should prepare some information to receive a proper tender:

  • Possession or use of the existing building energy (heat, electricity, fuel) consumption data availability;
  • The company used vehicles, fuel consumption data;
  • Basic information of technological equipment (eg. Number of base stations), energy consumption data;

Why to choose EKODOMA energy auditors?

According to the legislation, industrial energy audits are not carried out by one person, but a group of people, which are combined by experts with specific knowledge. That is why our skilled and knowledgeable environmental engineers and certified energy auditors of building will provide professional assessment and recommendations for your company. If you choose to order industrial energy audit at SIA EKODOMA, you will get the opportunity of co-operation with an internationally recognized company that in Latvia is already running more than 25 years and gained a huge experience in this industry. However, in the in therms of international projects EKODOMA has worked almost around all Europe. These types of companies which have the right to take industrial energy audits in Latvian can be counted on the fingers of one hand, as competent group of engineers, unfortunately in national level are very few.

We offer:

Energy audit of the tertiary sector buildings

Industrial Energy Audit

Energy audit of the electric drives

An energy audit of production processes

Energy audit of industrial cooling systems

Energy audit of industrial ventilation systems

Energy audit of the energy sources (e.q. boilers) and distribution networks

Aassessment standards:


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Kristaps Kašs
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Agris Kamenders
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