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Performance tests are carried out with a target to examine the ability of specific process or equipment to achieve the guaranteed performance characteristics or to determine the actual performance:

  • development of heat and electricity capacity
  • fuel consumption (including solid fuel)
  • efficiency, losses, energy balance
  • emissions (including noise)
  • process operating parameters (eg. pressure, temperature, heat flow)
  • self-consumption of electricity and heat
  • safety conditions (eg. the noise level in the premises, the temperature on the surface)

Performance tests can be made as a part from the plant acceptance procedure in which EKODOMA may participate as an independent party and carry out the actual determination of plant performance indicators.

The process of testing is a set of actions that allows to gain the necessary information about the investigated object. Depending on the task performance testing includes the following measurement and laboratory analysis:

  • physico-chemical parameters of fuel
  • operating parameters of process
  • environmental and weather conditions
  • flue gas chemical composition and physical parameters (including the flow rate)
  • production of energy and power
  • composition of ash
  • consumption of resources (fuel, electricity, water, etc.)
  • insulation evaluation for equipment and piping
  • and others

Depending on the type of test object and purpose, testing it is based on international standards (EN 12952-15, EN 303-5, DIN 1943, EN-60953) or by using of modified/adopted methodology. If necessary, recommendations are developed for optimization of processes and equipment and to increase performance indicators.

Kādiem objektiem var veikt veiktspējas testēšanu?

  • koģenerācijas stacijas
  • katlumājas, ūdenssildāmie un tvaika katli
  • kurtuves un degļi
  • turbīnas


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