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Agris Kamenders
PhD in Energy and Power Engineering
+371 67323212

Agris gained his doctorate in engineering with a work on the nearly zero consumption buildings and cost-optimal energy efficiency levels in the case of renovation and construction of new buildings in Latvia. He is also a certified energy auditor and passive house consultant, an expert in the dynamic modeling of heat systems and in energy efficiency projects. Since 2014 he is Ltd. "Ekodoma" director.

Agris is mainly working with projects involving energy system planning and energy efficiency in buildings, manufacturing and heating systems. Agris has caried out in-depth studies of nearly zero-energy buildings and energy efficiency issues in the heat systems.

Agris oversees all projects related to energy efficiency in buildings and manufacturing, construction of low-consumption buildings and planning of energy supply systems and economic analysis of energy efficiency projects. These projects are covering energy efficiency planning as well as the use of renewable energy (geothermal energy, biomass, etc.).              

Agris have years of work experience as a project manager, working on various international projects, many of which implemented within the program Intelligent Energy Europe and the Horizon 2020 (projects InoFin, ECCC, NorthPass, MaTrID) and the 7th Research Framework Programme (Project "Changing Behaviour").

Education Agris has gained at Riga Technical University, where in 2011 he received a doctoral degree on the doctoral thesis "Low-energy building energy modeling". Even more Agris knowledge supplemented the Danish Technical University. In overall Agris has developed more than 35 scientific publications, and more detailed information about them can be found at his Research Gate or profile.

Agris Kamenders lives in Riga, Latvian. He is fluent in Latvian, English and Russian languages.

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