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Andra Blumberga
Andra Blumberga
Board member
Senior expert
PhD in Energy and Power Engineering

Andra Blumberga started her professional experience in energy and environmental engineering before more than 18 years. Andra Blumberga in early 1999 became a project manager at "Ekodoma", strengthening and improving the environmental sector in the company. Andra has been this company's manager from 2003 to 2006. Currently, she is a professor at Riga Technical University. Andra Blumberga is working on various regional and international projects, which are aimed at the efficient use of natural resources, to increase energy efficiency and environmental protection in buildings and the energy sector, focusing on both the political and administrative aspects.

Andra Blumberga has been working intensively to achieve that energy efficiency programs in Latvian buildings would be developed, so she worked closely with the Latvian authorities, evaluating and implementing energy efficiency programs.

Andra is an expert in modeling the system dynamics, in studies of macroeconomic on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Overall Andra Blumberga has developed more than 130 scientific publications, which are available at her Research Gate or profile.

Andra Bloomberg still is a shareholder and board member of the company "Ekodoma", as well as one of the leading experts. Andra live in Riga and Jelgava, she is fluent in Latvian, English, Russian and German.

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