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Ivars Veidenbergs
Ivars Veidenbergs
Habilitated doctor

Ivars has a professional experience of more than thirty years. He is professor at Riga Technical University at the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment. He is specialised on energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. He focuses on heat generation and cogeneration, including heat pumps, biomass boilers and small and micro scale CHP.

He has been working as project manager of projects regarding load analysis, heat and electricity supply in the building sector. Ivars has been supervising several works on building physics in relation to the optimisation of energy efficiency improvement measures and heat supply systems.

He is a professional trainer. Recently he has given lectures for professionals on cogeneration in the framework of the CHP Goes Green project. He has been training as well as in accredited training courses for energy auditors and boiler inspectors.
He is an highly respected and recognised person in the energy sector, with an extensive network of contacts.

Ivars lives in Riga, Latvia and speaks Latvian, English and Russian.

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