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Marika Rošā
Marika Rošā
Project manager
Board member
PhD in Energy and Power Engineering
+371 67323212

Marika has many years of experience in the environmental engineering and energy sector. Her work at Ltd. EKODOMA began in 1996, when she took a project assistant job. Over the years, she has made a magnificent contribution to the company's development. Since 2004, Marika is a leading project manager at EKODOMA Ltd., mainly in leading projects related to the environment and energy systems.

A master's degree in Environmental science Marika earned in Sweden, Royal Technical University (SE). This was followed by engineering PhD ( in heating sub-sector of the Energy industry at Riga Technical University (LV).

Marika is specialized in regional and municipal energy planning, greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and energy. She was a member of the Development Working Group of the Ministry of Environment within the National Allocation Plan, from 2005 to the 2007 year, and from 2008 to the 2012 year. Marika primarily is engaged in energy management and energy planning issues.

Currently Marika is coordinating a number of projects in Latvia supported by Europe, including the most important - Training on climate and energy management issues for municipalities and different industries (in cooperation with the State Regional Development Agency) and 50000 & 1SEAPs that supports the deveopement of sustainable energy action plans in municipalities.

At the same time Marika works as a Professor at RTU in faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, precisely in Environmental and Energy Systems Institute. Overall Marika has developed more than 100 scientific publications, which can be viewed at her Research Gate profile or  profile.

Marika lives in Gauja, Latvia and speaks in Latvian, English, Russian and Italian languages.

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