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To make the process of recording energy consumption data easier for municipalities, “Ekodoma” has developed an energy monitoring tool, which provides systematic input, tracking, processing and analysis of municipal energy consumption data. Previous experiences have shown that many municipalities do not know how much electricity and heat energy they consume or how much fuel is used for vehicles. Often only accountants are the only ones who know this information. Sometimes it is also not clearly defined who is responsible for monitoring data and savings, so very few people are informed that there is a possibility to save expenses and energy.

Our new energy monitoring platform allows easy access to this data via internet, which allows municipalities and energy savings managers to follow the energy consumption in three main branches:

  • municipal buildings;
  • street lighting;
  • municipal fleet /public transport.


“Ekodoma” has developed a video about the reasons why energy monitoring platform is useful.


You can find more information about the energy monitoring tool here and more about our other services here - “Energy planning and energy management”.